Projects underway at the Botanical Research Institute of Iran

Use of nanoemulsion formulations based on herbal compounds and biodegradable polymers in order to control white fly in cucumber greenhouses

Production of Nanocapsullated Biodegradable Fungicides and Evaluation of its Effectiveness in Biological Control of Cotton Verticillium Wilt Diseases and Fusarium Wilt of Tomato

Plant-based pesticide production based on biodegradable bio-polymers with new nanotechnology for controlling Potato tuber moth

Production of Nano pesticide to control pistachio psylla

Production of nano-powdered plant based with gradual releasing technology for storage pests

Projects underway at the Botanical Research Institute of Iran2018-11-12T22:05:30+03:30

Projects in Tehran Municipal :

Extensive research on white fly controls using herbal pesticides in Tehran.

The plan of pest control of Monosteria unicostata (Heteroptera: Tingidae) Willow and Poplar Trees using biodegradable pesticides

Projects in Tehran Municipal :2018-11-12T21:36:11+03:30
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