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Maria-pro Herbal Powder

Maria-pro Herbal Powder is one of our products with exclusive formulation to control Acari (mites) in all kind of Vegetables and all kind of Greenhouse, Ornamental, garden and farm plants. We proudly claim all of our products have no residual levels and PHI.

پودر کنه کش

Pesticide Effect: Contact and Penetration Toxicity
Target Pests: Acari (mites)
Usage according to plant phenology or target pest: In the early morning or evening by the botanist diagnosis
Usage restrictions: Avoid spraying at noon
Limitation on time of arrival in the field after spraying: No restriction
Repetition:By diagnosis of botanist
Usage Guide: Shake well before use. It is recommended the pesticide to be dissolved in a small volume of water and gradually be added to the water tank in the sprayer


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Farnik Herbal Emulsion

Farnik Herbal Emulsion is produced by nano formulation technology and combination the extracts of medicinal plants to control Varroa Mite, the acari of Bee larvae.  After use, the medicine evaporates inside the hive, causing severe fall of mites into the hive and their death. We proudly claim Farnik  is totally bio degradable product with no residual levels and has no effect on honey taste or color.

Pesticide Effect: Fumigant Toxicity
Target Pests: Acari (mites) and Bee larvae
Pesticide Effect: Fumigant Toxicity
Repetition: The recommended amount should be repeated in 5 periods with 6-day interval
Usage restrictions: Avoid using more than recommended amount. 
Target Pests: Acari (mites) and Bee larvae
Usage according to target pest: The best time for usage is end of a day when bees have returned to the hive and the hive ventilation must be closed until the next morning.
Usage Guide: Dissolve the contents of a 100ml bottle in 1 liter of water (10% solution), then use 25ml of solution for each 10 frame hives (=2.5ml per frame).It is better to place the recommended amount of the Farnik solution on absorbent pads and put them under and above the frames.

Each bottle contains 100 cc of nano emolsion required for 8 beehives with 10 frame for a complete period.


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SALPIPEST HERBAL EMULSIONTrialeurodes Vaporarioum West


Bio-insecticides are organic formulations recommended for the management of insects that feed on crops. They are different from chemical pesticides in several ways. They contain live bacteria that produce toxins which cause stomach poison in the insects and kill them.



Bio-Acaricides like Bio-Insecticides are any substance or a mixture of substances intended to prevent, destroy, repel, or mitigate insects. Similarly, Acaricides are substances that can destroy mites.


Indoor Pest Control Service

Many unwelcome animals visit or make their home in residential buildings, industrial sites and urban areas. Some contaminate foodstuffs, damage structural timbers, chew through fabrics or infest stored dry goods. Control of these pests has been attempted by improving sanitation and garbage control, modifying the habitat, and using repellents, pesticides and growth regulators.

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