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The 4th National Festival and Exhibition of Medical Plants, Natural Products and Iranian Medicine (Traditional)

The fourth national festival and exhibition of medical plants, natural products and Iranian medicine (traditional) will be held November 11th-14th 2018 in Musala of Tehran by the efforts of the medicinal plants and traditional medicine sciences and technologies development headquarter.

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2nd National Conference on Nanostructures, Nano science and Nano engineerig

Second National Conference on Nanostructures, Science and Nanotechnology was held in 2018-02-14 in Kashan. Our experts team was also attended the conference and presented a paper titled Study of durability of nanoemulsion from Mentha longifolia (Lamiaceae) essential oil against Ephestia kuehniella  called Dr. Maryam Negahban and Mozhdeh Looni.

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