Introduction of Nano Green TOOBA

Nano Green Tooba Company has started using elite professors of the Iranian Research Institute of Plant Protection and experienced experts to meet the strategic needs of the country. Tooba’s main mission is to protect human, animal and environmental health through the production of eco-friendly pesticides to control agricultural and livestock pests. In other words, control of pests by combining nontoxic and herbal nano radicals is at the top of the company’s plans. The company has succeeded in introducing new products through the use of new pest control technologies combined with biological control. The use of biological and plant pesticides along with other biological control methods is a major step in the production of healthy and organic agricultural products. Plant insecticides are prepared from various plant-based substances with the new formulation while preserving their active agents in the environment, can maintain a high level of control and management of agricultural pests. Due to the effects of insecticides on different pests and their low risk for humans and mammals, these compounds are the appropriate alternative to chemical pesticides in pest control.

Tooba is the name of an evergreen tree in heaven belong to Zahra, daughter of Mohammad prophet. All the love and kindness in the world comes from this tree. never dies…never dries…

Specialist in formulation and micro and nanotechnology

Dr. Maryam Negahban

Our Services and Activities

  • Formulation of a variety of nano and microcapsule plant pesticides
  • The production of organic and non chemical pesticides for the production of healthy agricultural products
  • Formulation of nanocapsules polymer pesticides for health pests
  • The production of powder and pills for storage products replaces methyl bromide and phosphine
  • Encapsulation of Entomopathogenic fungi of insects (bio-pesticides)
  • Encapsulating a variety of bacteria
  • Production of Herbal alternative to control Varroa mite, the parasitie of Honey Bees
  • Production of antiseptic drugs for external parasites of livestock, poultry and birds
با تکیه بر متخصصان مجرب
با تکیه بر متخصصان مجرب
گلخانه های آزمایشی پیشرفته

Honors and Awards

  • Winner of Golden Statue The 9th Sheikh Bahai Technopreneurship Festival in 2013
  • Four Inventions in the Formulation of Nanocapsulated Plant Pesticides
  • Two selected patents by the Iran’s National Elites Foundation
  • Winner of the International Gold Medal of the Iran’s National Elites Foundation
  • production of Nanocapsulated pesticide from  Essential oil of Artemisia with approval of Iran Nanotechnology Initiative Council
  • Selected as the Top Technology in the 2nd Festival and National Fair of Herbs, Natural Products and Traditional Iranian Medicine in 2014 from the Science and Technology Vice of the presidentary
  • Publishing numerous scientific and research papers in prestigious internal and external journals
  • Publish one chapter of the Basic and Applied Aspects of Biopesticides, Springer Publisher